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Trini 5 years ago
Her pussy looks like a rooster head
yellow chinaman 5 years ago
brutal? two fist of fury can slide in easily. dont make me laugh shit head. she aint feeling nothing.
Her pussy 6 years ago
Is helle blown out.....tighten that shit up, there are exercises
bisexual female 7 years ago
I only don't like it because she tries to hard to be sexy. Some women just do it be doing almost nothing. That's what I like sexy without doing a damn thing!
hot girl 8 years ago
Her name is taylor ash
John 9 years ago
It cuts off just as it gets good
a girl. 9 years ago
loose isnt cute JFS
damn 9 years ago
bitch you could fit a leprechaun in there.
who is she 10 years ago
Who is this hot was chick?
Billybob 10 years ago
Pirced nipples hell yes what huge dildo can you fit in your ass